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Baptist Church Etiquette

The Baptist Church etiquette is a practice designed to demonstrate pose, grace and consideration for the spirit of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.  It is most commonly practiced to show an attitude of respect for other fellow worshippers and the edifice to which we glorify God for His grace and mercy.  Listed below are seven forms of church etiquette which, Christians should practice:

As to Graciousness- A person is characterized as a Christian or Anti-Christian, cultured or ill-mannered, by his or her ability to act graciously toward others.  A person may be considered gracious when being more considerate of others than on self.

As to the Pulpit- Do not cross in front of the pulpit while service in is progress.  Follow the direction of the Ushers for seating.

As to the Sanctuary- Do not enter the sanctuary when the Scripture or prayer is being given. Such movement disturbs the solemnity of the service and is a distraction to those who seek communion with God.

As to the Benediction- DO not leave the sanctuary until after the benediction unless, your departure is a dire necessity or emergency.  The benediction is the final "good word" of the service, the last blessing of the hour.  Do not leave God's house without your blessing.

As to the Users- Follow the directions of the ushers.  Ushers are to assure that you receive prompt and comfortable seating.  It is impolite and inappropriate to proceed to your seat without the directions of a Church Usher.

As to Bibles or  Hymnals- Do not remove the Church Bibles or Hymnals for the  Church.  These items are the property of the Church and to remove them deprives others from the full participation in the worship experience.

As to Common Sense- The rules of grace are generally based on a liberal dosage of common sense. Remember to treat others as you would like to be treated. Take time to think before you act or speak.  Remember that all you do or say is under the lawful watch of God.


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