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Trustee Board

The Trustee Board is the main governing body in all business operations of the Church.  The duties are:

  • Act as legal agents for the Church according to instruction from the Church body.  These instruction must be in compliance with the District of Columbia corporate laws.
  • Provide for the safekeeping of all Church documents.
  • Maintain, manage, protect and provide for the upkeep and daily maintenance of all Church properties, assuring that said properties are always amply insured.
  • Supervise the counting of all monies.
  • Provide for the proper security of Church funds, and recommend the financial institutions where said funds shall be deposited
  • Receive and disburse all Church funds as authorized by he Church, and make regular, complete, accurate and fully detailed reports of the same.
  • Receive, review, and approve all bills authorized by the Church body before payment.
  • Cause all financial records to be audited by an external auditor (Certified Public Accountant (CPA)) as requested by the Church.










Brookland Union Baptist Church

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